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Skillshot, August 5 2021

The Esports Capital of the US? Atlanta’s Claim

Cities will discover that esports is a powerful engine for regional economic development, youth education, and positive social impact.

Here's an overview of the broad esports ecosystem and assets we have developed in Metro Atlanta thanks to decades of industry, partner, policy, and community support!

Healthy Consumer Market?

Local Game Developers and Publishers? 

Professional Esports Teams?

Endemic gaming peripherals and merchandise?

Platform companies?

Structure for Youth Esports Competition and Education?

Production Infrastructure?

Economic Incentives?

Technology Workforce?

Diverse Workforce?

Esports Trained Workforce?

Venues for Gaming, Team Bootcamps, Fan Meet & Greets?

Social Impact?

Too many initiatives to list but a few illustrative examples include:  

Convenient Destination For Live Events?

History of Events & Attendance?

Annual live gaming events include:

Esports Event Recruiting and Turnkey Hosting?

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