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Freelance operators, interns, and college students understand the importance of being conversant on the wide range of products that they may encounter on a production job site.

Every role on a production team requires a communication system.  And the most popular communication system used for esports and virtual productions around the world is Clear-Com.  

Clear-Com, in conjunction with Skillshot Media, is now hosting a training session designed for freelance operators, interns, and college students in the Atlanta, GA area.

This session will include an introduction to the equipment, some new tips and tricks, in-depth training on setup, programming, operating, and much more…

So why now?  Skillshot Media is growing and the production industry in Georgia is growing!   We've teamed up with Clear-Com to offer this training to professional operators, industry freelancers, and students looking to break into the industry.

This training will consist of a single 6-7hr course with a lunch break in between. This is just the first of many other professional development courses to come and we're excited to host this at our newly launched broadcast studio in Buckhead, GA right across from Lindbergh Marta Station!

Who Can Attend?

Attendance is limited to Collegiate full and part time individuals along with freelance individuals working within the industry. All others please reach out to [email protected] and/or [email protected] to confirm further availability.

Is there going to be a recording?

The workshop will be recorded for further usage by Skillshot Media however at this time we will not be releasing the video to anyone outside of Skillshot.

Is there parking on-site?

Skillshot Media's studio is positioned right next to the MARTA train and bus station at Linbergh station in Buckhead. Individuals driving are advised to park in the MARTA parking garage directly across from the studio location. Please keep in mind there is a $8 parking fee that is not reimburseable or validated at this time.

There is a cost, what am I paying for?

Skillshot is honored to be able to open our doors to the industry professionals and students alike to be able to learn directly from our awesome vendors, with that however comes costs we must cover for the facility. We will also be providing snacks throughout the day and drinks. Food for the attendees will be a walk away lunch and/or ubereats or Doordash delivery. There are several eateries located within walking distance of the studio at ease.